30 ♰ Trans Masc ♰ Queer ♰ Fat Positive Smut Artist ♰ Anti-Censorship, Pro Free Expression ♰ Horror Erotica Writer ♰ Vampire Enthusiast ♰ Terratophilia, Bondage, Subby Boys and Chubby Girls

I'm Roz. I'm a 29 year old artist from Rural Pennsylvania. I am physically disabled, neurodivergent and a trauma survivor (not getting into it all lmao).
I don't really do fan art and focus pretty much entirely on my original characters (check the links section for my muse list)

All of my characters are over the age of 18/are adults for their specific species!

Some of what I draw might be disturbing to more sensitive individuals. Follow at your own risk.

Some of the things I draw may be disturbing to more sensitive individuals. Browse at your own risk.

I will try to include warnings for the content in the titles of all image posts or at the top of any story content.
Kinks that you are likely to find on this blog are as follows: asphyxiation/choking, blood play, biting, hard vore/cannibalism, noncon, teratophilia, twinxtwin incest, cum inflation, breeding/pregnancy, lactation & breast expansion, dubcon, mind control, aphrodisiacs, mindbreak, oviposition, large insertion and stomach deformation.

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