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A collection of my NSFW sketches. In semi-alphabetical order.

A Good Little Bitch

Adam, in the process of being broken/trained by his fledgeling, Lis...

Bound & Humiliated

A pic of Adam all tied up and embarrassed about it.

Adam Pin Up

An older pin up of Adam.

Adam Sketch Ref Sheet

An attempt to make a sketchy ref-sheet for Adam.

MorganxAdam - My Vampire Lover

A sketch I did of Adam and Morgan.

Florian - Minotaur Aftermath

Florian in the aftermath of being fucked by a very lusty minotaur and experiencing the less than ideal side effects of faerie bodily fluids...
Lead Up

Bad End - Lia's Punishment

My faefriend and I were talking about a "bad end" AU where everyone ends up the plaything of Camille and her wife and we were talking about ways that fleshcrafting can be used for chastity and orgasm denial play....

Camille - Octopussy

A sketch pin up of Camille's cunt in the VtM-verse. She's got a sort of cephalopod theme which is apparent here and in the
"Favorite Fuckdoll" piece.

Camille Pin Up

A little pin up of Camille while working on figuring out exactly what she should look like.

Cum Faces Sketch Page

Rosalie, Louis, Morgan, Florian, Laurent and Adam all with various cum faces.

Faerie Twins Concept

A concept sketch of the twins in the Dinner Party pt. 2.
Companion Piece

Florian - Ear Fuck Comic

A sketch comic I did of Florian getting his brains literally fucked out of his skull. Good thing he's a dhampir and can survive this kind of thing.

Earfuck Aftermath

I never feelbad for putting Florian through all kinds of ridiculous sexcapades but I do usually feel bad for his boyfriend who has to clean up the mess.

Florian - All My Father's Men

The original lewd art I did of Florian, getting fucked and bukkake'd by all the guards in his father's employ...
1 & 2

Florian - Jack O Challenge

Just a sketch of Florian doing the Jack O pose challenge lol.

Florian - Body Suit Sketch Pin Up

Another early drawing of Florian.

Florian - Noncontober Week 1

Florian, getting fucked by some sort of tentacle creature that seems to have forgotten that most living creatures need to be able to breathe... Luckily (or unluckily?) for Florian, he's a dhampir and needs far less oxygen to survive than the average human.

Florian - Noncontober Week 2

Florian being filled up by a very distant cousin of his fathers... Hopefully, for Florian's sake, the lack of fertility in dhampirs still applies when they're filled with this much cum...

Florian - Noncontober Week 3

I think it was double penetration? Or tied up.
Florian, being tied up and tortured longterm by...Someone? Who knows!

Florian - Noncontober Week 4

All The Way Through
Florian getting knocked up by a tentacle monster -- this one apparently not realizing that humans cannot really withstand being fucked up the ass so deeply you come back out the mouth... Well, at least Florian is a dhampir.

Florian - Noncontober Week 5

Modern AU Florian being tortured, yet again. By who and for what reason, we may never know. At least he seems to be enjoying it?

Florian - Noncontober Final

A sketch I did after noncontober about whether or not Florian learned to stop being a brat who constantly violates other people's boundaries... He did not and never will.

Florian - Shirtcut Meme

Florian for the shirt cut meme... From before I'd decided for sure what size I wanted to make his titties.

Florian - Sketch Sheet

A sheet of Florian sketches.

Florian - Sucky Suck

The worst thing I've done with Florian.

Florian - Tattoo Design

Trying to figure out what (if any) tattoos I want to give modern/VtM/Mafia AU Florian.

Lewdminaria Florian Redesign

A sketch I did while trying to figure out what Luminaria Florian should look like.

Florian - Too Many Eggs

More oviposition with Florian.

Laurent - Too Small

A sketch of Laurent for an OC outfit prompt.

Amarylis Body Suit Sketch

A sketch of Lis in a cute body suit.
Bloody Alt

Morgan - Blood Bukakke

Morgan after Adam has wasted a lot of blood on her, lol.
No Hand Alt

Morgan - Vampire HuCow

can a vampire be a hucow? Well, this one is sure going to try.

Morgan - Jack O Pose Challenge

The Upside to having magically altered joints: you can get into any position without trouble.
The downside: you can't get back out of them.

Morgan - Yandere AU Couch Fun

Morgan after getting dosed with a hardcore aphrodisiac by her faerie stalker, trying to get some relief while watching movies...

MorganxFinn - Reunion

A pic based on a VtM campaign my gaming group ran. Finn was Morgan's ghoul (and soulmate from a past life) who died to protect her but came back as something else shortly thereafter... This would be after she found him again and rescued him. She then didn't let him leave the bedroom for like three nights.

Rosalie Internal Anatomy

Rosalie's insides are basically a magical fleshlight that she can contract and expand at well during sex -- and also that she's sort of a succubus? Not pictured here is a similar sort of construction where her brain *should* be... Since all of Rosalie's personality and "life functions" are controlled by the magical (and indestructible) gem on her back, she doesn't really *need* a brain or anything like that. No, she doesn't have that for her eyes because that's NMK.Additionally, all of Rosalie's penetrable holes can self lubricate and the fluids produced by them are aphrodisiacal in nature. Her spit and tears are slightly less potent than what comes out of her lower passages.


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