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Welcome to Dorian's Dark Domain -- your official one-stop shop for all of my erotic content! Since social media is becoming increasingly unfriendly to creators of adult content, it's become rather necessary for me to create my own personal website. Thankfully, neocities.org allows adult content on their hosting service!

Thanks to this, I am able to host all of my lewd works here without fear of being censored by corporate pricks trying to appeal to advertisers by going "family friendly"! So, go ahead and look around and see if anything strikes your fancy~

working on getting the site remade in a new style -- I was getting frustrated with the old layout and I was honestly not particularly happy with it to begin with. Also working on getting some new stories written. I haven't had a lot of inspiration for drawing lately which is why I haven't had any new pieces out in a while.

Florian: A Bully Good Time

Featured Story:
The Creature in the Dungeon...
Deep in the wilds of the Midnight Band, Florian has an encolunter with a strange creature dwelling within the lowest floors of a dungeon he had been exploring with his adventuring party.
Setting: Luminaria
Florian Kroviyov, Viktor of Wronavov
This story contains -- Non-con, stomach deformation, cumflation, urethra insertion, double insertion, oviposition, mind-break, mind-altering substances, vore, teratophilia, breast expansion, lactation, pregnancy.

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