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Welcome to the writing section. I had originally hosted these on my [Personal Site] but because I wanted to be able to submit it to various webrings and to Neocities' Districts, I decided to move the explicit content here! Plus, it makes more sense to have my written erotica on my NSFW portfolio.

On to the stories!
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The Dinner Party: Part Three - The Main Course - Complete
The final chapter, in which Morgan is fucked and devoured at the faerie party. No permanent harm comes to her, but she's not left (mentally) unchanged by the experience...
Setting: Modern/Urban Fantasy
Characters: Morgan Kendrick
Warnings: Aphrodisiacs, hard-vore, mindbreak, pregnancy, oblique mention of miscarriage and infertility, fisting, public use/group sex, lactation, breast-feeding, implied anal & vaginal prolapse, anal & vaginal gape, genitals described as "ruined", cum inflation, breast inflation, bondage
Part One | Part Two

A Distant Cousin - Complete
Florian is taken by an ancient, feral vampire intent on using him to carry its child. A sequel to "
The Creature in the Dungeon", part of the Lewdminaria Series
Setting: Luminaria
Characters: Florian Kroviyov
Warnings: This story contains cervix penetration/womb-fucking, rape, vaginal rape of a trans man, forced pregnancy/breeding, massive insertion, mentions of oviposition/pregnancy, mindbreak, dumbification, slutification, cum inflation, teratophilia, "feminine" terminology used for a trans masculine character, blood drinking and "bestiality" (though the creature has human level intelligence, it communicates mostly through grunts and telepathy, it is also described using bestial/animalistic terminology)

The Creature in the Dungeon- Complete
Deep in the wilds of the Midnight Band, Florian has an encolunter with a strange creature dwelling within the lowest floors of a dungeon he had been exploring with his adventuring party.
Setting: Luminaria
Characters: Florian Kroviyov, Viktor of Wronavov
Warnings: This story contains -- Non-con, stomach deformation, cumflation, urethra insertion, double insertion, oviposition, mind-break, mind-altering substances, vore, teratophilia, breast expansion, lactation, pregnancy.

The New Bodyguard - Complete
Florian's father gets a new underling who has been given the impossible task of protecting Florian...
Setting: Modern/Urban Fantasy
Characters: Florian Lazarescu, Viktor Dimitrov
Warnings: This story contains -- a brief allusion to homophobia/transphobia in Eastern Europe. Otherwise, it's pretty vanilla.

The First Reunion - Complete
Ficlet featuring characters from a WoD/VtM game my group was running. Morgan gets some alone time with one of the other people who was ghouled by the pack her Domitor belonged to... After she's made him her own ghoul.
Setting: World of Darkness/BFLMADG's Chicago Chronicle
Characters: Morgan Kendrick, Finn O'Faolan
Warnings: This story contains a brief mention of forced pregnancy and sexual assault.

Training - Complete
Louis and Laurent were abducted by faeries and taken into the Land Beyond the Mists where their new "owner" has some very specific ideas of what she wants from them.
Setting: Modern/Urban Fantasy
Characters: Louis DeFantome, Laurent DeFantome
Warnings: This story contains incest, aphrodisiacs, mind control, brief mentions of noncon and dubious consent.

Whatever He Wants - Complete
Morgan's Domitor is her entire world and she would do anything to make him happy.
Setting: World of Darkness/BFLMADG's Chicago Chronicle
Characters: Morgan Kendrick, Adam Freemont
Warnings: Dubious consent, blood-drinking, throatfucking, mind control

Confessions - Complete
Viktor finally shares his feelings with Florian. Basically, the erotica equivalent of fluff.
Setting: World of Darkness/BFLMADG's Santa Marta by Night
Characters: Florian Lazarescu, Viktor Dimitrov
Warnings: Brief mentions of transphobia, underage drinking, some minor misgendering.

The Dinner Party - Part One - Complete
Morgan tries to rid herself of a connection to a man she hates but ends up being hunted down by a faerie instead.
Setting: Modern/Urban Fantasy
Characters: Morgan Kendrick
Warnings: Mind-altering substances/mind-control, biting, choking, dubious consent, knife-play, hard vore

The Dinner Party - Part Two - Complete
Morgan finds herself in the depths of faerie where she is used and abusedd by a pair of pretty fae twins...
Setting: Modern/Urban Fantasy
Characters: Morgan Kendrick
Warnings: Mind-altering substances/mind control, over-stimulation, cumflation, breast inflation, lactation, hard vore, asphyxiation via cum, double-penetration, noncon, massive insertion

That Time of the Month - Complete
Morgan Kendrick learns the upside to having a vampire boyfriend with an oral sex kink...
Setting: Modern/Urban Fantasy
Characters: Morgan Kendrick, Adam Freemont
Warnings: Oral sex, period sex, blood consuption.

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