As soon as they stepped outside of Alcina's, Florian couldn't stand it anymore -- his entire body felt like it was on fire. He knew this wasn't the normal response to seeing that kind of thing. He should have been disgusted, disturbed -- something, anything other than wildly turned on. He'd been lucky to never witness that sort of thing first hand before. Sure, he'd heard stories, he'd seen aftermath but the event itself? Not once, which was impressive, given his father's line of work. He grabbed Viktor by the wrist, pulling him aside and then pushing him up against the wall.

"Florian?" Viktor asked, laughing just a bit. "What are you doing?"

"I..." Florian breathed. "I need it. Now."

Viktor really did laugh then. "What? Flor--"

He took the hand of Viktor's he had been holding and pressed it down between his legs -- letting Viktor feel the growing dampness there, the heat radiating off of Florian's burning cunt. "I need it." He whimpered. "I'm so fucking wet, I want you."

He didn't give Viktor a chance to respond, standing on his tiptoes to catch the taller man in a desperate kiss. Florian pressed himself against Viktor, hips moving almost as though they had some will of their own, grinding against him. Viktor pushed him back.

"What's gotten into you?" Viktor asked softly. "You're usually only this bad when I haven't seen you in a week... What are you so worked up over?"

"Please -- just really quick?" Florian whined. "Come on, just five minutes..."

Florian brought Viktor's hand to his lips, kissing his fingers where they'd been torn in the altercation with Iulian...And then kissing the tips of his fingers, slipping two of them into his mouth, eagerly sucking on them and causing a flush to break out across Viktor's cheeks.

"Florian... We should leave..."

"All the more reason to just get it over with -- I can't sit in the car like this. I'm going to lose my fucking mind." He was fumbling with Viktor's belt buckle now.

"Tell me what's got you so worked up?"

Florian flushed a deeper red. He didn't want to tell Viktor why. He couldn't just admit that watching him do that had turned his cunt into a fucking oil slick. "I..."

"Tell me, or you have to wait until we get home." Viktor replied, with a tone that made it clear to Florian he was going to have to give in to Viktor's command or he was going to have to wait. And he didn't think he could do the second.

"I..." Florian's breath came in gasps now. "Watching you -- seeing you beat the shit out of that guy because of...because of what he said I..." Florian caught his lower lip between his teeth, shaking his head. "It turned me on, okay? It was fucking hot."

Viktor looked genuinely surprised, but not displeased. "Really? That turned you on?"

Florian nodded. "Yes. So fucking badly. Come on, Viktor, pleaaase?" Every second that passed seemed to make the sensation of need forming in the pit of Florian's stomach stronger. "I just--"