In the Lair of the Red Dragon

From the instant he had seen that beautiful red-haired man, Florian had known he needed him, that there would be no dissuading him from getting him into his bed... The man had radiated a heat and sensuality that the dhampir -- used to the cold, undead bodies of the vampires of his home -- had found utterly irresistible. Sure, he had fucked a good number of humans in the days since leaving his father's barony but... The heat that came off the red-haired man was of a different magnitude entirely.

Now, laid bare before the hulking form of a red dragon, Florian understands exactly why that heat had been so intense. Finding himself held down by the dragon's massive clawed hands with scalding hot drool dripping onto his bare chest, stomach and thighs -- and with those preternaturally intelligent, predatory golden eyes fixed upon him with all-consuming hunger -- Florian knows he should be afraid. But it isn't fear that has his heart in his throat and it isn't just the heat that causes him to sweat profusely.

And it is hot -- the dragon's lair is like an oven, the heat sinking into Florian's skin, the humidity clinging to his body and making him painfully aware of his half-living, half-dead nature... But no, it isn't simply the heat that makes him sweat and blush. It's lust. A deep arousal that fills his body with an internal heat, that causes his chest to ache and sends shivers running down his spine like electrified beads of sweat... The heat gathers at the juncture of his thighs burning like an inferno and making him squirm.

"Well, well -- aren't we full of surprises, little dhampir..." The dragon says -- his voice a deep, throaty growl that makes every hair on Florian's body stand on end... "I knew you smelled a bit... off for a man." He chuckles, running hot fingers down Florian's sides, tracing the curve of his soft waist and full hips.

The dragon's unbelievably warm fingers move over Florian's upper thigh before slipping between his legs, tracing the dripping wet slit of his cunt in an achingly tender way with his claw. Florian draws in a sudden, sharp breath, biting down on his lower lip. A single bead of ruby red blood trails down his chin.

"A-And?" Florian stammers, trying to keep his wits about him but failing. "It's more than just a dick that m-makes a man..."

The dragon lets out a bellowing laugh, shaking his massive head.

"I don't disagree but I didn't expect to find a sopping wet cunt and fat little tits under all that silk and velvet, dhampir. I didn't expect to find something I could breed." He says the last word in a way that does send a little shiver of fear down the dhampir's spine...

The dragon emphasizes his point by slipping that long, clawed digit past Florian's entrance and running his snakelike forked tongue over Florian's nipple. The dhampir moans -- some mix of pain and pleasure washing over him as the dragon's finger pushes into him. His back arcs and his eyes slide close. Oh gods, it's so fucking hot. He pushes his hips upward, aching for more as his throbbing clit grinds against the rough palm of the dragon's hand. He needs more

"Nnnnng..." Florian whines. "Fuck! More!" The word seems to tear itself from Florian's lips in a lascivious cry of agonized need and desperation. "Fuck me! Pound my fucking cunt!"

"Impatient, are we?" The dragon says -- Florian can't read the expression on his reptilian face but his voice seems to be a mix of irritation and amusement.

The dragon slips a second clawed digit and then a third into Florian's cunt and presses the fourth to the tight, puckered ring of the dhampir's asshole, slowly working it into him.

Florian cries out, whining and trying to squirm away -- even with his lower half thoroughly soaked in his juices, he wasn't anywhere near lubricated enough to take anything in his ass, much less the dragon's unbearably thick clawed finger.

"AH-- W-WAIT!" Florian cries out, drawing a low laugh from the dragon.

"Didn't you want me to pound you?" He asks, pushing those fingers further and further into Florian's body, causing his inner walls to stretch. "You were being a spoiled little brat -- so I'll have to punish you."

"What?" Florian gasps, staring at the dragon in some mix of horror and... arousal?

He doesn't want it like this -- not fucking dry. But for some reason, his body is responding with excitement to this violation. Florian whimpers, squeezing his eyes shut as pale pink tears began to spring up in his eyes, unable to stop himself from squirming, whining with the pain The dragon's other massive hand holds him in place with ease, the fingers wrapped around Florian's waist.

"Hold still or I'll rip you right open, little dhampir. Take your punishment like a man." The dragon growls, pulling his fingers back before shoving them right back into Florian, making him scream with pain and then drawing them out again before repeating the action.

The dragon continues finger fucking Florian with brutality and violence. Every thrust draws a cry of pain from his lips... Tears are running down Florian's cheeks and he can taste blood in his mouth from biting on his lower lip... every movement is agony but the dragon doesn't stop moving his fingers until Florian's body becomes accustomed to his size, the cries of pain becoming soft whimpers and then low moans of pleasure.

Oh god, those fingers are warm, almost burning hot in Florian's cunt and ass. He bucks his hips upward, his body responding to the growing pleasure on instinct, feeling his swollen, throbbing clit grind against the dragon's rough palm. And oh fuck, that feels good. Florian feels the inevitable climax approaching, feels the slow building of pressure in the pit of his stomach and at the meeting of his thighs.

He bites hard on his lower lip, his body going rigid -- fuck, oh gods, he's so close...The dragon laughs, a deep rumbling sound that feels more like a threat than a sound of mirth before he pulls his fingers free of Florian's inner confines -- making the dhampir gasp.

"Wh-what...what are you doing?" Florian asks, his head spinning and his entire body burning. He feels so empty now, so desperately in need of something in his cunt that he could cry.

"Did you think I was going to let you cum while you're being punished?" The dragon asks, something akin to mischief glitter in his reptilian eyes.

Florian stares at the dragon, mouth agape.

"You ..." He can't seem to form words, the air around him is too warm and the heat within him far too great. "Please?" Florian whines, his hips moving on their own, desperately seeking the dragon's fingers again, desperately seeking some kind of release.

"No." The dragon replies.


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