Revenge - this story is a work in progress. last update - 2/6/2022

The sky overhead is dark, the last traces of daylight slowly bleeding away. Florian sits some distance from the keep, watching the twinkling stars appear one by one in the ever deepening blue of the sky... He feels a strange mix of foreboding and calm, filled with dread at what is to come but... Accepting it. He had defied his father, he had refused to return home and chosen his new, mortal friends, over the vampires he had spent the majority of his life with thus far. But Florian knew that this was the right thing to do -- he was following the right path and he was going to save Viktor. He was going to make up for getting him turned into a monster... somehow.

The dhampir is pulled from his reverie with a jolt when cold fingers brush his cheek and he's suddenly aware of presence behind him.

"You really abandoned me for livestock, Flor?"

Florian had expected his father to be the one to retrieve him but he's suddenly aware that the expectation was foolish. Nikolai Kroviyov was far too busy with his vampiric politics to retrieve his wayward dhampir son -- of course he would send the captain of his guard... And the only man Florian had ever truly loved. It was Viktor. The acid in his voice makes Florian flinch, the pain like a knife being twisted in his gut. He clenches his fists.

"I am not abandoning you, Viktor. " Florian replies. He doesn't look back at Viktor, can't bear to look back at him. Can't bear to look into those beautiful blue eyes with the knowledge that any "love" Viktor had shown him in the past two years had been an act because fully blooded vampires were incapable of that kind of emotion. "I'm doing this for you..."

Viktor responds with a cold laugh. "For me? Tell me, Flor, how is whoring yourself out to every warm cock you find for me?"

Florian flushes, trying to maintain his calm. "I-- we agreed--"

"That was when you were coming back. When the men were nothing but toys, when you would always come home to me in the end..."

Florian grimaces. "Stop it. We both know that you don' can't love me anymore... "

That's what truly hurts. Viktor had loved him -- Florian knew that.He had felt it with an intensity that filled him with boundless joy... But that was gone now and he knew it... And it was his fault. He had done this to Viktor, had begged his father to make Viktor a vampire, so they could be together after he was finally turned... Fingers colder than his own flesh brush against his cheek and sharp nails press against his throat, their points digging into the skin to make it clear just how easy it would be for Viktor to end his life. Florian shivers, feeling his heart begin to race, heat suddenly pooling between his thighs and making him feel vaguely ashamed.

"And whose fault is that, Florian? Who begged his father to murder his beloved -- because he couldn't stand the idea of him growing old... What was it that frightened you so deeply about it , Flor? Was it really the fact that I'd die one day or was it that you were afraid of the day when I was too old to get it up? Too old to give you the only thing you actually care about..."

The words are like acid -- that nickname with the insistence that Florian saw him as a toy, exactly the same as all the other humans he had fucked in his father's barony... When Viktor had been something special and different...It cuts right through any emotional defenses Florian may had had and shoves the dagger straight into his heart.

"Viktor, I--"

Florian's words are cut off when the vampire is suddenly in front of him, an expression of rage and pain on his face that takes Florian's breath away.

"You what Florian?" He snarls -- those fangs so much longer and sharper than Florian knew they had been moments ago. Viktor's eyes burn with barely restrained hatred and Florian can't bring himself to respond. "You're sorry? You didn't mean to? That's not how you felt? Which excuse are you going to choose, little dhampir?"

Florian stares up at the larger man, trying to form words but he just can't do it. "I love you, Viktor. I have for years--"

Viktor sneers, shoving Florian back against the large rock he had been sitting on, pinning him to the cold surface with all of his weight... "No, Florian. You loved my cock. You loved the way I made you scream and the fact that I was in love with you..."

Being pinned to the rock like this is causing Florian's head to go fuzzy, the feeling of Viktor on top of him and Viktor's familiar scent enveloping him for the first time in nearly a year is causing his body to react in a way that only seems to reinforce Viktor's point.

"I can smell you, Flor. I can hear the way your heart is pounding, the way the blood flows through your veins -- the way you're already fucking wet for me... You don't care how I feel about you, do you?"

"OF COURSE I DO!" Florian cries suddenly. He can't take this, can't stand the way this feels -- the horrible pain in his chest as he's forced to confront the very real consequences of his actions... it didnt matter if his father had planned to turn Viktor all along -- what mattered is that Florian had wanted it. "I'm sorry! I never should have asked him to do that to you-- I just... I wanted so badly to know we could be together, forever..."

"Is that what you wanted?" Viktor asks coldly. Florian feels his hand slide between them and shudders.

"Viktor, stop--" He tries to protest but oh God, Viktor's fingers are deftly undoing the lacing of Florian's leggings -- faster than any human would have been able to and the instant that Florian's aching cunt is exposed to the cold night air, it draws a low moan from his lips...that turns into a sudden cry when one of Viktor's fingers slips inside him.

"I'll give you what you want, Flor. Right here, right now."

"I don't-- Viktor, please!" Florian begs. The sensation of Viktor's finger moving inside of him is unbearable -- a mix of horror and pleasure overcoming him...

"Shut up, Florian."

The kiss that Viktor places on Florian's lips is not one of love -- though it is not devoid of passion. It seems that every ounce of the love Viktor had felt for him has been changed into hatred and rage that Viktor channels into the kiss, forcing his tongue past Florian's lips and searching out the inside of his mouth with an intense, almost feral desperation. Florian struggles beneath him -- flailing and trying to push Viktor away but he isn't strong enough to escape... Two fingers are forced into Florian's wet and swollen hole and then three. Viktor moves them in and out hard and fast, leaving Florian's outer lips feeling bruised.

When Viktor finally pulls back from the kiss, Florian is panting and tears stream down his cheeks. "Please -- ah! --Viktor, please don't--"

Pleasure suddenly overwhelms Florian and his entire body goes rigid, a wave of orgasmic bliss sweeping through him. No! He thinks desperately. He doesn't want this -- he doesn't want Viktor like this . Not here, not now but... His body does and he can't turn off that input, no matter how much he wants to.

"What was that, Florian?" Viktor growls biting down hard on Florian's earlobe, drawing a pained cry from the dhampir's lips. "It doesn't sound like you want me to stop..."

He grabs Florian by the hair and flings him to the ground, now standing over him with his own leggings unlaced and his hard, throbbing cock revealed. Florian feels a flush in his cheeks and fear building in his chest... Again, Viktor takes him by the hair, pulling him up into a kneeling position.

"Open your mouth." Viktor commands and despite Florian's desperate urge to disobey, he can't help himself, his mind suddenly clouded over with vampiric compulsion...

His mouth drops open and immediately, Viktor's dick is pushed past his lips, past his teeth and right into the back of his throat. Florian gags, not prepared for such a sudden entry and not at all wanting it. Viktor groans softly, tangling his fingers into Florian's hair and keeping him locked there and then, begins to thrust. Florian cries out -- his voice strangled by Viktor's length being thrust into his throat again and again. He digs his fingers into Viktor's thighs, trying to push him away, panic slowly building... and worst of all, Florian can feel his pussy continuing to respond to the assault on his body -- his clit is hard and throbbing and a veritable waterfall of fluids are streaming down Florian's inner thighs.

"Fucking slut --" Viktor slams himself into Florian's warm and welcoming mouth eve harder, the dhampir gagging and choking with every thrust.

He can feel the muscles of his throat straining and tearing as Viktor mercilessly fucks his throat. Tears, snot and spit all stream down Florian's face.

Viktor please! Please, stop! You're hurting me! Florian thinks desperately.

But he knows that even if he could verbalize the thoughts, Florian's pleas would have no effect on the vampire -- if anything, it may spur him on. When Viktor cums, it's sudden -- his cock twitching and jumping as the head is buried in Florian's throat, tearing him as he pumps the first load into the dhampir's throat and stomach, cumming with such force that it comes spurting out of his nose as he chokes... And every one of the sensations seems to drive Florian's body to respond more eagerly.

"See? You don't care -- you're just a stupid fucking cockslut, that's all you ever were."

He shoves Florian away and Florian tries to scramble backward, coughing up thick globs of white cum.

"Viktor--" he rasps, barely able to get the words out. "Please--"

"Shut up! I don't want to hear your pathetic fucking begging. It was bad enough before when I hadn't realized how fucking selfish you really were -- when you would whine and squirm laying in my bed with your little cunt bared, begging me for me to ravage you like you were some common human whore..."

Florian stares up at Viktor in despair, unable to articulate the emotional pain gripping him. It wasn't Viktor's fault -- all this resentment and hatred it was... it was because he was a vampire now and the curse of undeath had twisted his emotions... But it doesn't remove the pain of hearing Viktor tear into him this way.

"Its no wonder your father sent you to gather his army -- it's not like you'd have a hard time finding men."

Fingers wrap around Florian's throat and he barely manages to choke out another desperate plea for Viktor to stop. He doesn't.

Florian tries not to scream when the entirety of Viktor's still rigid length is violently forced into his cunt -- Viktor had always been a little big but normally they would carefully prep any hole of Florian's they intended to use and without that preparation, even after cumming and being unbearably wet, Viktor's cock hurts to take. It tears him, slipping so deeply inside that it forces the air from Florian's lungs... but oh god, it feels... it feels good. Having Viktor inside him again, having his hole stretched like this, feeling the vampire bottom out inside of him is a physical bliss that even Florian's emotional turmoil can't stop and he clenches tight around Viktor, a strangled cry caught in his throat as he cums again.

"Did you really cum from that Flor? Are you really so desperate for a real cock that even the first thrust gets you off?"

Florian still can't speak, Viktor's fingers remain wrapped tightly around his throat. His head is swimming and then-- oh god, Viktor thrusts again... Florian is now quickly aware of how much Viktor had been holding back these past few years. Again and again, Viktor spears Florian's insides with his cock, causing the dhampir to cry out desperately every time.

"Come...home...Florian." Viktor growls, finally removing his hand from Florian's throat.

Florian gasps, his coughs and sputters interrupted by screams and he can't tell if they're from pain or pleasure.

"Stop!" He cries. Oh god, he's going so fast and so fucking hard that Florian is afraid he's going to break. "Viktor please--"

It's too much, his whole body feels like it's on fire. Even though it hurts, even though he wants it to stop, Florian can't avoid what comes next; "OH FUCK --PLEASE I-- N-NO--" Florian's head falls back, his whole body screaming with pleasure. "C-CUMMING!"

Wave after wave of pleasure rolls through Florian's body and Viktor doesn't let up -- getting rougher with Florian with every passing second...

"VIKTOR! PLEASE STOP!" Florian screams, digging his nails into Viktor's arms, trying to get out from underneath him, to stop the vicious assault... He can feel the head of Viktor's cock hitting his womb now, slamming into him so hard that it feels like he's going to break. "You're hurting me!"

"Good!" Viktor snaps, digging claws into Florian's hips, making sure the dhampir can't possibly squirm away, the scent of his blood fills the air and draws another moan from Florian's lips...

And then, Viktor bites him. The fangs shear through the flesh of his throat and Florian screams. Despite being the only living being in his father's castle, he had never been bitten -- never been fed on... But now, he understands the way the humans reacted -- he understands all too well. Some horrific mix of pain and mind numbing pleasure smacks into him like a tidal wave and he cries out, gushing as cums harder than ever before. With every beat of his heart the feeling increases in intensity. Viktor's mouth working the freshly created wound in his throat and the repeated violation of his cunt leaves Florian gasping for air.


Florian tries again to push Viktor off but his body is entirely drained of strength thanks to the assault of the various sensations on his sense. That mix of pain and pleasure, terror and need --Viktor's cock and fangs both buried inside of him, the feeling of his veins pulling tight as Viktor draws the blood from them... It's too much for him to take. The tears streaming down his face sting his eyes but he wants Viktor to keep fucking him just as much as he wants it to stop.

When Viktor's mouth leaves Florian's throat, his head is swimming and his entire body feels weak.


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