Florian couldn't be sure of where he was -- nor could he remember how he had gotten there. The last thing he could remember was that he had been in an inn on the road from Nightwatch back to Wronavov. Normally, Viktor and Branwyn and Lianna would have accompanied him on such a journey -- but they'd been called away on other errands and he'd had to make it alone... Everything was dark and he was bound, his legs were free but his hands were tied behind his back. Something dry and rough was in his mouth -- a gag of some sort, coarse fabric digging into his cheeks and the corners of his lips.

He squirms. He's lost all feeling all feeling his hands but he can still feel the rope as it bites deep into the flesh of his wrists... That's right, he had been talking with a young man at the inn... Not quite his type, maybe a little bit too young but... The moon had been nearing full and he was getting desperate -- both for sexual release and blood. And then he...

And then what? Try as he might, Florian can't recall what happened next. Had he been drugged? had some spell been cast upon him that stole his senses and allowed him to be kidnapped? He didn't know. He was sitting on cold stone and cold stone was against his back... So he was indoors, at least. Not tied up some place in the open where the beasts of the wild could get at him. The heat that ran through his veins told him that Vorosanya must be full and high in the sky, casting her crimson light upon the world and painting it in shades of blood and scarlet. Florian whined into the gag, pulling at his bonds. He was still dressed, at least, the familiar pressure of his stays pressed against his ribs being some comfort... But being bound like this, feeling the bite of the rope and the burn of the gag send shivers of arousal down his spine. It was humiliating to feel this way.


"Well, would you look at that -- it seems the little princeling is finally awake!" A gruff male voice caught his ears as a door opened and footsteps approached. Someone had entered whatever room Florian was bound up in... The scent of the blood running through their veins drawing a muffled moan from Florian's lips. "Good, the boss has been waiting for those drugs we slipped ya to wear off..."

The owner of the voice grabbed Florian roughly by the shoulders, forcing him up and onto his feet. His legs felt weak beneath him, his knees nearly buckling beneath him. How long had he been sitting there? It had to have been at least a day, if his reckoning was right. The moon hadn't quite reached her fullness when he had been at the in. Fear raced through him, quickening the pace of his heart. What did this man want with him? No, what did these men want with him -- the man who had pulled him up mentioned a "boss"....

The man pushed Florian forward and he stumbled, finding it nearly impossible to balance himself without the use of his arms. The man scoffed, his hand closing on Florian's wrists to keep him upright and then shoved him forward. They walked for a long time and with the heavy cloth covering his eyes, Florian could make out nothing of his surroundings... All he could do was rely on the gruff voiced man to lead him true. Eventually, they descended a flight of stairs and Florian could hear a fire crackling and men talking and laughing.

"Gentlemen!" The gruff voiced man called, his voice ringing out and echoing off what Florian assumed were stone walls. "Our honored guest is at last awake!"

He pushed Florian roughly forward and this time, he wasn't able to catch himself. The dhampir fell forward, crashing face first onto the stone floor, bright red pain blossoming where his jaw made contact and the skin was scraped away by the rough stone. He was almost glad he was gagged -- otherwise he's sure he would've bitten through his tongue or lower lip. He whimpered, trying to make out something, anything, of his surroundings but the only thing that comes through the haze of pain is the scent of blood... Both his own and that of the men around him. There had to be more than one, judging by the intensity of the scent. His senses weren't strong enough to make out the sound of their heartbeats but he could imagine it. Florian's knees were still under him, which had him in the awkward and vulnerable position of his face pressed into the cold stone floor and his ass in the air... He felt almost naked with nothing but the knitted wool leggings and his undershirt to cover him.

Florian was about to attempt sitting up when a boot was planted firmly between his shoulder blades, almost as if the man had predicted his next move.

"I don't think so, princeling. You're not going anywhere... Besides, you look better with your face down like that." The gruff-voiced man laughed, pressing his foot down even harder, shoving the air out of Florian's lungs and causing him to whimper in pain.

"And just in time for Vorosanya to come to her fullest!" Another voice rang out -- this one was smoother than the voice of the man whose foot was planted on Florian's back, though it was no less dangerous. In fact, danger rolled off the man's voice like fog over the ocean, sending a shiver through Florian's body.

Gods damn it, what was wrong with him? Well, he knew the answer to that. With the scent of blood all around him, bound and gagged like this with the moon's influence fully upon him, Florian was starting to lose himself -- his thoughts rapidly overcome with the desperate need for release, his body growing unbearably warm.

"You know..." He heard footsteps approaching as the man continued. "I've heard these half-bloods have a different response to the full moon than fully fledged Nightkind -- I wonder if that's true..."

Someone was standing in front of Florian now, he could feel their aura, he could smell their blood. It was different than the blood of anyone else in the room, the scent of it thick and heavy and wild. He moaned into the gag, his throat aching with need and his gums itching.

"Rav -- why don't you check for me? Tell me, is the little prince all hot and bothered? Is his cock straining to get free from those leggings?"

The gruff-voiced man, who must have been "Rav" laughed again. Florian cried out in surprise in pain as a hand smacked against his aching cunt, thick fingers stroking him through his leggings. He felt the heat rising there intensify and he could swear he could feel the moisture dripping down his inner thighs now.

"Mmm I'd say he's hot and bothered but... Looks like the Prince Nikolai's precious little boy has a nice wet cunt instead of a throbbing hard cock!"

Rav continued to stroke Florian's lower lips through his leggings -- teasing his rapidly hardening clit through the fabric and chuckling to himself as Florian began to tremble. He felt tears starting to form in the corners of his eyes, his face burning with a mix of humiliation and intense arousal.

"Is that so?" The man standing in front of Florian replied. "I suppose that gives us an extra hole to play with while we wait for his father to respond to our demands... After all we've been through, we deserve a nice little reward. Why don't you test him out first, Rav? You were the one keeping an eye on him after all."

"Ain't that kind of ya, boss!" Rav replied.

"Mmm but first -- I want to be able to hear him beg..."

A hand reached out and pulled the gag down roughly. For a moment it caught on Florian's extended fangs, the fabric tearing as it did. He pulled in a gasp of air that made his lungs hurt. He hadn't realized just how hard it was to breathe until now and even with Rav's foot planted firmly between his shoulder blades, drawing breath was a thousand times easier now.

"Please!" Florian whimpered.

"'Please' what, princeling?" The bandit leader asked. "Are you going to beg us to let you go?"

Florian shook his head. "Nnnn-- n-no, please...I...I need..." His head was so fuzzy, his body burning hot and his throat painfully dry. His fangs ached as badly as his cunt and he was desperate to sink them into warm flesh and feel hot blood pouring into his mouth. "Please -- blood -- I--"

Florian felt his leggings pulled down roughly, exposing his moist, swollen cunt to open air. He cried out before biting down into his lower lip to silence himself. Oh gods, he needed fucked so badly. He needed something inside him...

Rav laughed again. "Gods, he's like a waterfall back here! You'd think he was enjoying this!"

He slid a single finger into Florian's cunt, causing Florian to moan and push his hips backward, rutting against the man's hand, desperate for more. It felt so good but it wasn't enough. He needed more, so much more.

"Mmmm I think he is!" The bandit leader tangled his fingers into Florian's hair -- yanking his head up off the floor. "Do you like being tied up like this, princeling? Do you like the idea of having every last one of your holes used and abused by a castle full of bandits?"

Florian's only response was a low moan, his cunt clenching around the finger inside of him. It sounded like heaven. It shouldn't sound good -- what little of his rational mind is crying out, fighting against the moon-induced blood lust that this is wrong. That he doesn't want to be taken like this... Knowing that even if the moon weren't full these men would probably still use him to slake their lust. He doesn't want this and yet when Rav slides a second finger into him, Florian's cunt gushes and he cries out loudly.

"YES!" He couldn't stop the words from escaping his lips and the bandit leader laughs.

"Well, Rav -- you heard the boy. He wants you to use and abuse his holes~"

Those two fingers are being shoved in and out of Florian's cunt without any care -- causing Florian to whine. It almost hurts but that pain is oh so good.

Rav shoved his fingers into Florian roughly, pulling them out with just as little care and causing Florian to whine and squirm. More! He wanted more. Two fingers aren't enough, no matter how roughly they're being pushed into his aching pussy. He wanted to feel himself stretched, wanted to feel someone's cockhead slamming against his womb, wanted to feel hot cum spurting into him and then running down his inner thighs.

"Can't let him down then, can I?"

Florian whines when Rav pulls his fingers from Florian's aching hole, removing his foot from the dhampir's back. Two rough, calloused hands grip Florian's hips, fingers digging into the soft, supple flesh and he moans as a hot, throbbing cockhead is pressed to his lower lips, just barely teasing his clit with every thrust. He pressed his hips back even harder, almost as if he was teasing the man thrusting between his thighs... A gasp escaped Florian's lips when Rav's cock moved up instead of slipping into his soaking wet cunt.

"nnn wait-- aren't you going to--" Florian's words were cut off in a strangled cry as the head of Rav's cock pushed hard against his asshole. "AH! PLEASE--" Another push and he felt the tight ring of muscles begin to give way to the constant pressure, slowly and agonizingly parting.

"Figured you might enjoy it too much if I just went ahead and fucked your dripping cunny." Rav said with an appreciative grunt as he thrust hard into Florian, the head of his cock breaking through the resistance and slipping inside of Florian.

Florian screamed. Even the moon's influence couldn't hide the pain of being torn open like that -- of being thrust into almost completely dry. "NO! ST-STOP! PLEASE! YOU'RE TOO BIG!"

The hand tangled in Florian's hair gripped tighter, making him cry out again. "Now now, take it like a man, Florian. You are a man, aren't you?"

Florian bit down hard on his lower lip, his head spinning, sharp pain coursing through him with every thrust of Rav's hips as he sunk more and more of his cock into Florian's asshole. If his hands weren't tied behind his back, he would've been trying to scramble away -- trying to make the pain stop. Before long, Rav had sheathed himself completely inside of the smaller man, his pelvis pressed hard to Florian's asscheeks and his balls resting on Florian's burning cunt. Florian felt himself spasming around the intruder, that tight ring of muscles struggling against Rav's cock inside of him -- buried so deep that he swore he could feel Rav's tip pressed against the inside of his belly. Slowly, the other man started to rock his hips, working Florian's asshole with a deep grind.

"Please!" Florian panted. "Take it out! It's t-too much!" He felt like he was going to break in half, like Rav was going to rip him right open. "I can't take it!"

Rav laughed. "But you did, boy. And your asshole is practically trying to milk me with the way its clenching around my cock. You sure you aren't enjoying this?"

As he spoke, Rav drew back -- pulling most of his cock free from Florian's spasming confines, drawing a broken whimper from the dhampir before thrusting hard into him. Florian screamed again, tears soaking the blindfold. "AH! PLEASE! STOP! YOU'RE GOING TO BREAK ME!"

Every thrust of Rav's hips drew another broken cry from Florian's lips. He wasn't sure how much more he could take before he really did break. Every time Rav drew back, he swore he felt his insides being pulled out with Rav's cock. Even bound, with his arms behind his back and being held by the hair, Florian started trying to squirm away. He couldn't take it anymore -- it was too much.


The bandit leader responded to Florian's pleas with a soft chuckle. "Too much for the princeling to handle? And here I thought you were a man. Why don't I make it easier for you to bear, princess?"

The next thing Florian knew, his entire world was the scent of blood. Thick, rich and inviting -- practically right in his face. IN fact, there was a faint wetness on his lips where a bleeding wrist had been pressed to his open mouth. Even with the pain of Rav ruining his guts, Florian's instincts took over. He wrapped his lips around the wound, eagerly swallowing that first delicious mouthful of blood with a low moan. Florian had never tasted blood like this -- wild, almost feral and so warm that it burned his throat like alcohol when he swallowed. It was amazing. Every mouthful of blood mingled with the venom in Florian's saliva, overtaking his senses and filling him with overwhelming pleasure.

"Oh fuck -- that's it..." Rav grunted, still pistoning into Florian's ass. "Squeeze it nice and tight, slut."

With the venom in his system, the thrusts went from agony to ecstasy and Florian, still drinking desperately, greedily from the wound that had been shoved into his mouth, pushed back against every thrust. He wanted more -- more blood, more sensation, more cock. God, he wanted it in every hole and he wanted it now. Florian could feel his body responding to the feelings that flooded him -- his abdominal muscles tightening, the heat between his thighs flaring suddenly and the sensation of Rav's balls slapping into his clit with every surge of his hips was enough to send him over the edge. The wrist was ripped from his mouth just as Florian's body went rigid with climax.

"YES! OH FUCK FUCK FUCK!" Florian cried, feeling a torrent of liquid gush from his achingly empty cunt as he came. "FEELS SO GOOD! MORE!" Oh fuck, it was all he could think about. He just wanted the moment to continue -- the taste of blood in his mouth, his asshole stretched wide as a massive cock speared into his guts over and over again. "CUMMING!"

Rav's thrust even harder into Florian, scoring deep gouges into his hips as he dug his fingernails in even deeper. "FUCK YES -- CUM ON MY DICK LIKE A GOOD LITTLE WHORE!"

"YES! PLEASE! PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER!" Florian was lost in ecstasy now, his own venom running through his veins and the effect of Vorosanya full in the sky combining to wipe away every last trace of resistance he might have had to what was happening to him. All he could think about was how badly he wanted to be left with his asshole and cunt gaping, dripping with cum. He needed it as badly as he needed blood, as badly as he needed air. His cunt twitched and spasmed, throbbing with desperate need to be filled, even as he could feel just how full his ass was.

"I think the blood broke him!" Rav said with a chuckle.

"AH! MORE!" Florian cried, he needed to be filled so badly -- to feel the cock pounding his ass throbbing and twitching as it unloaded into his colon. He bore down on Rav's dick, clenching around out, willing him to cum. "FILL ME UP! PLEASE!"

Rav let out a groan, pushing one last hard thrust into Florian's ass before finally giving in. Florian moaned, feeling bliss wash over him as at last he got what he wanted. Oh god that felt so fucking good.

"Ohhhhhhhh fuck, yes!"