The First Bite
When she opens her eyes for the first time, the world that surrounds her is painted in shades of crimson, a rose-red film covers her eyes and the color scarlet fills her thoughts. Her throat aches, her gums sting and her mouth is so dry that her tongue feels like sandpaper... The air around her is thick with the stench of blood, vomit, shit and rot, causing her stomach to roll and roil in her belly, only underscoring just how empty it feels. The metallic scent of the blood almost makes her feel hungry but it's soured, rotten and dead. The last thing she can remember is pain -- rolling waves of the worst pain she could possibly imagine, like her body was filled with shards of glass, slowly tearing her apart from the inside and then...darkness. She pushes herself into a sitting position, moving in what feels like slow motion.

"Oh -- you're finally awake..." A familiar voice, rich and sensual like velvet reaches her ears. Her head turns towards the sound. A young man leans against a curtain-covered window with a faint smirk painted on his pale, angular face. His dark hair reaches to his collarbone, falling into his face, strands of it nearly obscuring one of his honey-colored eyes from view which seem to glow in the low light.

She knows this man -- she's spent many nights in his bed with her arms wrapped around his neck and her teeth at her throat, her legs wrapped around him, the two of them coming together as one... And then she remembers: she was going to join him in the eternal darkness of immortality. He had drained her dry and then... She had fallen asleep and awoken into the nightmare of a dying body.

"Adam?" She can barely speak, her voice comes out as barely more than a whisper.

The smirk becomes a grin that shows sharp fangs as he comes across the room towards her. "It took longer than I had expected, you just love to make me wait, don't you?" He laughs softly, reaching out to brush a lock of curling copper hair back from her face.

"It... hurts." She whimpers.

The emptiness, the burning ache in the back of her throat... She needs something, wants something desperately -- the scarlet in her thoughts deepens, burning brighter, urging her forward. He doesn't have what she needs though: the heart within his chest lays silent and still. She needs a beating heart, needs living blood.

"Shh..." He kisses her forehead, taking her hands, pulling her onto her feet. Her legs shake and then give out beneath her, she tumbles into Adam with a yelp, her whole body falling against him. He catches her with ease. "I know, I know. Don't worry, I'm going to make it better, sweetheart."

They take slow, halting steps towards the door, Adam leading her as if she's a toddler, taking her first steps all over again. In a way, it's like she is -- she had died and was reborn now, as something different, something better, something... Like him. His hand is on the door when she hears the sound of a beating heart -- a soft, rhythmic sound that calls to her like a siren song. A low moan leaves her throat and every muscle in her body goes suddenly rigid, her canines lengthening into needle fangs that dig into her lower lip and her fingernails extend into sharp claws. Every fiber of her being is fixed to pounce, to hunt... to kill.

Morgan tries to tear her way free of Adam's grip and through the door but he holds her fast, his own claws digging into the soft flesh of her upper arm.

"Not yet." He snarls, the sound of his voice making every hair stand on end and sending a sudden shiver of fear down her spine. He's never spoken to her like that -- she's never felt his commands resonate in her blood like they do now. "Your middle name is Patience, isn't it? So show me you're capable of it."

The door remains closed and he pulls back from the knob to hold Morgan with both hands. She tries to squirm in his grip but her body won't follow her commands...

"Your blood is my blood -- at least for now. As you grow older, you'll gain control of yourself again but for now, the blood follows my word over your will." He places a soft kiss on her cheek. "I'll open the door when I think you can control yourself. You're not some animal, you're not going to tear the girl apart like a monster. You're going to learn to drink properly."

Morgan whimpers, her stomach twisting itself into knots and sending daggers of pain through her veins. "Please!" She rasps. She needs it now -- she needs it now or something horrible will happen. A voice in the back of her head is screaming, growling, tearing at her, urging her to resist. It digs its claws into her, roaring in her mind:

break free! rip his hands off of you! get through that door and drink every drop of that sweet, warm blood!

She tenses further, the muscles tightened to the point of snapping ligaments. She moves a centimeter, then an inch forward, Adam's claws tearing through her flesh.

"Come on, Morgan. I know you can be a good girl..." Adam's voice is like a warm blanket, falling over her and removing any will to struggle.

The tightness leaves her and the spring that is her body slowly uncoils -- her fangs and claws retracting. The voice of her thirst still screams but the screams are muffled, deadened by the control that her vampiric parent and lover exerts over her. He releases one of her arms and with the bloodied hand smooths her hair before slowly opening the door... In the room beyond, a young woman lays naked on the sofa, her posture that of a drunk, reclined against the back. She smiles slowly, lifting a hand to wave at them, her movements languid and dreamlike, her green eyes clouded. Waves of honey blonde hair cascade over her shoulders, covering her soft, full breasts, emphasizing their weight and shape... The curves of her pale, rounded body against the dark red crimson velvet of the cushions beneath her creates a tableau that leaves Morgan staring -- she can almost see the sprawling map of veins and arteries that extend under the woman's skin, the network that carries her lifeblood through her body.

"Oh!" The woman exclaims. "You're finally back!" Her voice is sluggish and drugged. Morgan recognizes it from all the times Adam had mesmerized a human -- all the times he had done it to her.

She rises gracelessly from the couch, her limbs tangled, tripping over her own feet and stumbling towards them. A little giggle leaves her lips as she catches herself at the last minute.

"Adam..." Morgan whispers...Anticipation flows through her like electricity as the scent of the woman's blood fully hits her nostrils and arousal rolls through her body -- an unstoppable tidal wave of tightening veins and a dull ache that flares between her thighs... And a sharp pain in her gums.

The other vampire releases Morgan fully, striding forward to help the human woman to her feet, giving her a poisoned smile. "Oh goodness, dear..." He laughs. "Did you drink too much?"

"Mmmmmaybe a little!" She replies, looking at Adam with the purest adoration. "I just got bored waiting... You said you and your girlfriend were going to play with me..." Her lower lip juts out in a childish pout.

"We are, sweetheart... See?" He turns towards Morgan. "She's finally awake."

The woman's eyebrows knit together as her gaze falls on the newly awakened vampire -- dressed in nothing more than a black slip dress and covered in dried blood and gore. For a moment, her eyes widen and fear fills them before Adam brushes her cheek with his fingers.

"Shhh.... Everything is okay..." A layered, melodic tone comes over his voice and his eyes flash briefly. The fear leaves the woman's body and she relaxes against him.

"Oh...Okay... What's her name?"

"It's Morgan... Come say hello, Morgan~"

Every step towards the pair feels unreal, like she's wandering through a dream, floating across the floor towards her beloved and her first kill. The pounding of the woman's heart, the screaming of her instincts for blood all drown out the human voice within her mind: you can't do this. You're going to kill her if you bite her. She's going to die... For a brief instant, Morgan hesitates before another voice whispers to her: and if you don't kill her, you're going to die. And then she's at their side, a soft smile playing on her lips as she reaches out towards the young woman.

"Hello~" The woman smiles. "I'm Cammie..." She says softly.

Morgan knows her from somewhere, from somehow. A deep magic ties the two of them together, something... Something from a long time ago, from another life. She grabs Cammie by the shoulders, pulling her in close and kisses her hard on the lips. Cammie stiffens for a moment, apparently surprised by Morgan's sudden roughness but quickly melts into the kiss, returning it with a burning fervor. Morgan can feel the heat of Cammie's body against hers, slowly filling her as they move back towards the sofa. She pushes the other woman back, watching her fall against it. Cammie grins up at her, beckoning her to come closer. Morgan glances back at Adam for a moment and he nods in encouragement, his eyes glittering with emotions she can't quite name as he watches them.

"Now, Morgan, dear..." He says softly. "Be gentle, be careful."

Her eyes are fixed now on the pulsing artery in Cammie's throat, on the sound of her beating heart, on the heat that rises from her body, suffusing her body and chasing away that painful cold. She feels the sting of her fangs lengthening, the ache in her throat deepening. She's about to bite down when Adam grabs her hair, keeping her from getting any closer to Cammie's delicious-looking throat.

"Don't just bite down -- you're not an animal. Take it slow, savor the scent of her blood, the feeling of the artery pulsing beneath your lips as you kiss her throat..."

Morgan does as she's guided -- as Adam loosens the grip on her hair, she lays a flurry of kisses along the pulsing line of Cammie's carotid artery, a low moan sounding in the back of her throat. She drags her tongue over it, drawing a little gasp from the human.

"Oh come on, baby -- bite meeeee~" Cammie croons.

"Not yet." Adam warns in a low, dangerous voice. "Tell me, what can you feel from her, Morgan?"

Morgan knits her brows, not understanding what Adam is asking of her. "What? Adam, I don't..."

"Concentrate. Her emotions are so thick around her it's almost like a visible cloud. You should be able to feel it..." Adam gently brushes fingers across Morgan's cheek... "You can do it, I know you can..."

Morgan closes her eyes, trying to feel for something and then a sudden surge of lust hits her like a tidal wave, causing her to cry out in surprise, taking her breath away. Oh. Cammie... Cammie wants her. She wants her so badly that the poor human girl can't even think.

"There you go. What does it feel like?" Adam purrs, now placing his hands on Morgan's hips...

And Morgan can feel his lust -- how much he wants them both. How he aches for her and... There. She feels his love for her, enveloping her like a warm, fuzzy blanket.

"Hot. It feels hot, my head is dizzy and I feel... I need." Morgan pants. Her body is responding to Cammie's lust and Adam's quickly and aggressively. "Adammmmmm..."

The older, more experienced vampire laughs softly. "Good girl...Now you can bite her. Sink your fangs into her throat and taste your first draught of blood, sweetheart."

Morgan doesn't hesitate -- those needle fangs burst forward in an instant and they shear through Cammie's flesh like a hot knife through butter. The human goes rigid in Morgan's arms, crying out in a pleasure that seems to roll out in a wave that hits Morgan as well...

But she barely even notices the sensation of Cammie's sudden orgasm -- all Morgan can feel is the exultant bliss of hot blood gushing into her mouth, of the back of her throat painted by arterial spray and the scream of triumph that she hears from that strange, instinctual part of her brain.

Pleasure rolls through Morgan's body, hitting her again and again with every mouthful -- she's never felt anything like this. It's even better than when Adam would bite her when she was mortal, better than the moments when his fangs were in her throat and his cock was in her cunt. It's pure, existential bliss. Hot blood rushes into her mouth in time with the pounding of Cammie's heart and Morgan feels the other woman writhing beneath her, her hips grinding against Morgan's as she moans.

"Oh! Oh yes! FUCK!"

Morgan feels Adam's fingers in her hair again, gripping tightly and slowly pulling her back, forcing her to release the seal her lips have made over the wound in Cammie's throat and Morgan whines.

"Noooooo!" She's so hungry and she needs this so badly -- why does Adam keep stopping her!?

"Shhhhhh learning self-control now is important, Morgan." Adam says softly, still keeping a tight hold on Morgan's hair. "You don't need to kill her. Not yet, anyway."

Cammie lays beneath Morgan, her eyes glazed over and her breath coming in gasps. She has one hand in her shirt and the other down between her own legs now, squirming.


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