The Training of the Twins

They've been here over a month now -- strange sweet drinks forced down their throats daily that make their heads fuzzy, make their bodies painfully warm and unbearably sensitive to any sort of stimulation. The faerie who's been supervising their training sits on a chair made from curling, ornately shaped wood... It wasn't carved but rather, had been carefully grown into that shape. Her legs are parted and she plays with herself idly, watching them. This is the first time they've been free of any bonds in all that time, the first time they've been able to touch each other at all. The silver-haired twins kneel on the floor, arms wrapped around each other, desperate to be near their other half again.

Louis pulls back first, kissing Laurent on the head. "I'm sorry, Laurie..." he whispers. "This is all my fault I..."

"Shhhhhh..." Laurent says softly, reaching out to caress his twin's face. "It's going to be okay, don't be sad."

The touch makes Louis shiver. The way they'd been holding each other had already been sending shivers down his spine, every brush of skin on skin making his overly-sensitive body respond with pleasure and arousal. He can tell something is wrong with Laurent, too. That tone of voice isn't something he's ever heard from him before. Distant and--

His thought is cut off when Laurent suddenly brings their lips together. Louis goes stiff, trying to pull back but Laurent doesn't let him. His body burns with need, his cock hardening, throbbing and pulsing. Laurent's head feels fuzzy and blank -- all he knows is that Louis sounded sad, that he was upset and Laurent knows how to make him feel good. He feels Louis's cock growing hard, pressed up between the two of them.

Louis whimpers -- he knows this is wrong, that he shouldn't be doing this, he shouldn't be letting Laurent do this but... God, he can't think straight, he can barely even think at all, arousal running riot through his body and he knows he can't fight it anymore. Louis slips his tongue into Laurent's mouth, his hand pressed to his twin's chest and he lets it drift downwards, wrapping his fingers around his twin's hard, throbbing cock. Louis doesn't think he's ever been this hard before or ever needed release quite this badly. Their trainer had left them for the last two days without any touch beyond prying their mouths open to pour aphrodisiac-laced faerie wine down their throats

When their lips part, they're both breathing hard. Laurent's eyes are closed, his lips still parted. "Nnnn Louiiiiiiiiis" he whimpers, his hips thrusting erratically into Louis's hand. He wants to make Louis feel good but with those fingers wrapped around him, he can't pay attention to that.

"Laurent I--" He grits his teeth, feeling Laurent's fingers tighten around him. "Laurie-- please--" Some part of him is still resisting, some part of him still can't quite do this but his body seems to act without his input, continuing to jerk his twin off.

"L-Louis--!" Laurent whines, his cock twitching and spasming in Louis's hand. reaching his peak for what would only be the first time that night.

Thick sticky jets of cum coat both twins bellies and thighs, more of it spilling forth from the tip of Laurent's cock than should be possible -- one of the effects of the sex drugs and magic the fae had been using on them for the past month.

The faerie woman laughs, stepping down from her seat and stalking up to them. "Good boys -- that will make your new owner so, so very happy..."

Laurent redoubles his efforts to pleasure Louis, moaning as he does. "Please, Louis..." He whispers. "I want to make you feel better, I want to make you feel good...Please..."

Louis bites down on his lower lip again, hard enough to draw blood this time -- his whole body feels like it's on fire and his head is spinning. With every pump of Laurent's hand the feeling intensifies but it's just not enough. He doesn't have the hair trigger that Laurent does. He needs more.

The faerie trainer grabs Laurent by the shoulders, kneeling down and peeling his fingers away from Louis's cock. Louis lets out a low whine -- not wanting Laurent to stop, aching when he's no longer being touched.

"On your feet." She snaps at Louis, her amber eyes burning with intensity.

He does as he's ordered and rises to his feet, watching as the faerie maneuvers Laurent like some kind of doll. Laurent's face is flushed, his eyes hazy and distant, clouded over by mindless lust.

"Now, Laurent, I want you to suck your brother's cock." The faerie orders. "Wrap your lips around and him and don't stop until you feel him hitting the back of your throat."

Louis's mind is torn between hoping there's enough still left of Laurent's mind that he hesitates or resists and desperately wanting to facefuck his twin... The latter wins out and Laurent follows the fae's order without hesitation, taking the head of Louis's cock into his mouth.

"Good boy..." The faerie purrs, placing her hand on the back of Laurent's head, her lips curving into a vicious grin. "Start slow -- taste him, trace every hill and valley of his cockhead with your tongue."

Louis moans, feeling Laurent eagerly follow the faerie's instruction, licking the underside of his cockhead, tonguing the slit at his tip and suckling on him... Any will he had left to fight leaves him as Laurent sucks enthusiastically on his cock, the feeling of being wrapped in that warm wet mouth a sensation of bliss he's never felt before in his life. He tangles his fingers into Laurent's hair, making shallow thrusts into him.

"That's it -- that's what she wants..." The faerie says, pushing Laurent forward, forcing more of Louis's cock into his mouth. "Thrust into him -- fuck his throat with every inch of your little cock."

"That's... that's it Laurie..." Louis whimpers. "That's it... oh god..." his hips rock forward until he can't seem to stop himself. He grips Laurent's hair tight and pushes past the resistance. He can hear Laurent gagging on him, feel the way his throat flexes and clenches involuntaril y around his cock and almost cums then and there. "Oh God, Laurie!"

His thrusts grow harder, bit by bit until he's roughly fucking Laurent's face, his twin's hands pressed against his thighs, spasming with fingers digging into the flesh. He's so tight and so warm and the way Laurent gags on him as he slams into his throat again and again... Fuck, it's so good. Louis feels his own orgasm fast approaching and he slams every last inch of his cock down Laurent's throat with every thrust now.

"Oh fuck! Laurie -- fuck! I...I love you! I love you so much!"

The orgasm hits him like a tidal wave and a strangled scream catches in his throat, holding with Laurent's nose pressed to him. Laurent moans around his cock, eagerly swallowing every drop of Louis's cum as it enters his throat in spurts. He lets go of Laurent's hair, pulling his cock free from the confines of his throat, breathing hard... And still, he's ready for more, neither twin having lost their erection yet. It would take more than one climax to satisfy them now. Laurent pants, looking up at Louis with love and lust filling him in equal measure.

"Louis..." Laurent kisses Louis's cock, over and over again -- licking the last drops of cum from his tip, dragging his tongue over every last inch, covering it in spit until it drips and glistens with it. "Please, Louis... I'm still so hard it hurts..." He pants, pleading with his twin.

The pleas are too much for Louis to take and he can't stop himself; shoving Laurent onto the floor on his back, lifting his hips, pressing his knees to his chest. Laurent's cock twitches and jerks, dripping precum down onto his chest. He doesn't even think about making sure to lube or stretch Laurent -- the only thing he can think about is satisfying the burning lust that fills him, shoving his cock into something hot and tight. He presses his tip to Laurent's tight ring, pausing to feel it twitching against him.

"Please, Louis!! I need you, I need you inside of me, please! Please make me cum, cum in me! Fuck me!"

There's never been a time in his life when Louis has been able to tell Laurent "no" -- and this is no exception. His hips surge forward, just barely breaking through the resistance that Laurent's body puts up to being penetrated, gritting his teeth.

Laurent squeezes his eyes shut, whimpering. The faerie who's been training them this last month has ridden him over and over again but she's never put anything inside of him -- apparently, having decided she wanted Louis to take this part of his virginity. It hurts. Louis doesn't stop trying to push forward, not letting the tightness of Laurent's asshole stop him. Somehow, though, this feels right. With every one of Louis's thrusts, he feels more of his twin inside him -- feels his body stretching and straining to accommodate his cock. With every thrust, he feels somehow more complete.

Louis groans. Laurent is unbearably tight around him. He knows this is the first time anyone has done this to him, he can feel it in the way that he has to fight Laurent's body to get any deeper and he hears the pained noises and winces that Laurent is making but he won't stop -- he can't stop. He thrusts forward again and again with no hesitation, mind fixed on the need to feel that spasming ring wrapped around the base of his cock. With one last hard thrust, he sheathes himself in his twin and moans, holding there for what feels like an eternity, listening to Laurent's whimpers become heavy breathing....become soft moans.

"Louis... F-fuck me!" Laurent gasps. He wants to feel Louis moving inside him -- the fullness is amazing but god, he wants to feel Louis thrusting into him, wants to feel his hips smacking against his cheeks...

And once again, Louis gives in. He pulls back, biting his lip at the sensation of Laurent's tight inner walls gripping him, trying to stop him from exiting and then rams himself back in.

"LOUIS!" Laurent cries out -- oh fuck it feels so fucking good. "OH! OH LOUIS! DON'T STOP! OH GOD, LOUIS DON'T STOP!" He screams, crying out for his brother, for his twin, for the other half of his soul. For the first time in his life, he feels like nothing is missing, with Louis's cock buried inside him, they're finally one with each other. Like they were always meant to be.

The faerie trainer laughs but Louis doesn't hear her -- all he hears is Laurent. All he feels is Laurent. That feeling of completion as over and over again, he slams his cock in all the way to the base.

"Laurie... fuck, you're so tight..." He groans, following the way his body urges him forward -- to fuck his twin harder, faster, rougher. His need seems only to grow as he pounds Laurent's ass.

Laurent moans, crying out again and again and again, pushing his hips into every one of those thrusts. He wants more, he needs more. He doesn't ever want this to stop but he needs to feel Louis cum inside of him again, needs to feel his dick twitching and jerking as he pours streams of cum into his belly. It's the only thing in the world that matters to him right now...

Harder, faster, rougher. More, more, more. Louis's mind repeats the words again and again, a mantra, a chant, a prayer, Laurent clenches around him and he almost loses it right there, almost starts cumming right then... The way that his twin moans beneath him, the way he writhes and gasps, covering his mouth with his hands, covering his face with his arm -- the sound of their bodies slamming together is making it harder to stop that from happening... He doesn't want to finish until Laurent does...

"Laurie--" He gasps. "Grab...grab your legs... I want to..." He can barely speak but Laurent seems to get the message and Louis rewards the compliance by wrapping a hand around Laurent's cock. It's slick with precum and unbelievably fucking hard but that makes it even easier to start stroking it, pumping it hard in time with his thrusts.

"LOUIS! FUCK! FUCK! I'M--PLEASE!" Laurent cries out, the pleasure practically blinding him at this point. He can't stop himself, even if he wanted to. "CUM IN ME! PLEASE! FILL ME!"

Laurent's inner walls squeeze Louis tight when his twin cums -- practically trying to force Louis to climax along with him, and Louis doesn't resist.

"FUCK! LAURIE!" Louis can't stop himself from crying out when those waves of pleasure crash into him like a tidal wave, cumming for what feels like a fucking eternity... Cumming until he can see Laurent's belly swell just the slightest bit.

"YES! YES! OH GOD LOUIS!" Laurent screams, whining as he feels his belly stretch to hold all the cum Louis is pouring into him and finally almost passing out when Louis collapses on top of him, breathing hard, the pair of them sticky and covered in a mix of sweat and cum...

"Hm..." The trainer says softly, standing over the exhausted human twins. "If twice is all you can manage, I think we need to up your dosage..."

But neither of them quite hear her, slowly slipping into an exhausted sleep, still wrapped up in each other.

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