Whatever He Wants

Morgan moans softly, her eyes sliding closed as Adam's lips move over her throat. His fingers are tangled in her hair and he's on top of her, his weight keeping her pressed to the mattress. His lips curl into a smile that she can feel against her skin, a smirk that sends a wave of heat through her body. She can feel the scrape of sharp fangs against her flesh and every hair on her body stands on end, she shudders and anticipation washes over her in a sudden flood.

"Ah-- please..." She pants, aching to feel him sink his fangs in -- to feel them shear through her flesh, feel him slip inside her and sweep her up in the incomparable ecstasy of his Kiss.

He laughs softly, his tongue dragging over the pulsing artery that lays just beneath the surface of her pale skin, drawing a soft whimper from Morgan.

"Please what, sweetheart?" He nips at the skin, not hard enough to draw blood -- just hard enough to let Morgan know how close she is to getting what she wants and just how far..."Tell me what you want, Morgan, beg for it."

Morgan whimpers, squirming, desperately aching for him to bite down. "Nnn..."

Her head is blank of anything but desire for the release that the bite would supply, floating in a sea of mindless bliss as her one true love moans into her throat, taking her into himself, using her to nourish himself...

"I'm waiting~"


He knows she can't think straight right now, he knows her head is a fuzzy mess -- her broken thought pattern screams out what she wants but he wants her to say it out loud. God, the sound of his name leaving her lips like that sends a shiver down his spine.


"Please, please..." She whines. "I want..." Her hips jerk upwards, seeking some kind of attention but he gives her nothing. "Bite me, please! Please, Adam!"

Fingers curl even tighter into her hair, causing her scalp to burn and Morgan cries out in pain.

"Is that it? Is that the best you can do?" His lips aren't on her throat anymore, they brush against her ear as he whispers. "I'm disappointed, Morgan..."

Sudden fear floods her system and she shakes her head. "No! Please, please -- I'll do anything!"

She can't stand the thought of disappointing him, of making him anything other than happy. All she wants is to make him happy, to see him smile, to hear him praise her. To hear those words: I'm disappointed... it's like a knife to her heart.

"Be more specific, darling~" He yanks her head back hard enough to cause her to cry out in pain again, to whimper.

He needed to hear her beg-- just a bit more. Say his name just a few more times -- to feel how much she needs him... He lays another little flurry of kisses on her throat, his spare hand moving down her body, slipping down between her legs, just barely brushing against her lower lips. Her body tells him just how much she wants him but he needs to hear her say it.

"Adam, please!" Her whine is almost a scream, desperate, full of need. She knows what he wants, she knows exactly how to get what she wants and her mind finally manages to fix on it: "anything, I'm yours to...to do with as you please! I n-need you, Adam... I don't even care if you drain me dry just please give it to me!"

He sighs softly, exhaling cool air onto Morgan's warm skin. There it was -- what he wanted to hear. That she was his. That he's the only thing that matters to her, that what he wants is what she wants.

"That's my good girl..."

And then he bites down -- his fangs sink into Morgan's throat, a split second of pain and then the sweetest bliss -- a pleasure that feels like being wrapped in the smoothest silk, the most plush velvet, sprinkled with flower petals and then being taken, again and again by the most ardent lover. Wave after wave of that ecstasy crashes against her and she barely even notices the way he shifts their bodies, doesn't even feel her legs being parted until his lips leave her throat and he's already slipping his cock inside her. She cries out again, her fingers digging into his shoulders, the first thrust being soft, slow, almost gentle...

Teasing her with a taste of fullness but still holding out. Still making her beg, still making her suffer and ache for him. In this moment, he's more truly her whole world than at any other -- save maybe when he bites into his own wrist, dripping his own blood into her mouth, renewing the bond between them, making her more and more dependent upon him with every dose.

"Adam!" The name leaves her lips like a prayer, a desperate plea for more.

And he does give in now, wanting to feel her body pressed against his, to feel her warmth flow into him, to feel the way she responds to him, to fully envelop himself in her need for him... The pace quickens and Morgan presses back, pushing her hips into every thrust, desperate to bury as much of Adam inside herself as she can, desperate to feel them as one... She wants more, always more -- a little harder, a little faster, a little bit deeper, a little bit meaner... As the months have passed since she became his ghoul, her tastes have ever so slowly shifted, become more masochistic, more subservient, more focused on being nothing more than his -- and the pack's -- plaything.

And she doesn't care that part of her screams out in indignity when he makes her beg for his blood, when he whispers in her ear and floods her with that blissful and undeniable urge to please him... when he fucks her so hard and so roughly that she's left crying and bleeding... Because if that's what he wants, that's what she wants. He's everything to her, he's her world, he's her beloved, he's her savior...

"Oh god, please don't stop!"

She's practically screaming now, the bed beneath them squeaking in protest as Adam fucks her -- hard enough that every thrust hurts a bit, hard enough that she knows tomorrow she'll be aching and sore, maybe even have trouble walking but... oh god, in the moment it is so worth it. She hears him moan into her ear, whispering her name... And that's all it takes to send her plummeting over the edge again -- her own pleasure barely even matters to her when she hears his. She can almost feel how much he's enjoying this, how much he enjoys hearing her scream for him and she indulges it because after all; if he wants it, she wants it...

"Oh--oh fuck! Adam, oh god, Adam!" She screams, pressing her face into the crook of his neck as her orgasm reaches its peak. God, he feels so good inside her...

That sound, oh god that sound -- his name, cried out to the heavens, her screaming for him, needing him, wanting him, desperately clinging to him like she'd die without him (and, after the modifications Camille made to her, she most certainly would die.) It's almost too much to take.

"That's it..." He groans, voice a throaty growl in her ear. "Say it again... say that you need me..."

She whimpers, feeling that pleasure building to yet another crescendo. "I need you... I need you so much Adam... you're...you're the only thing I need... Please..."

Morgan doesn't know how much more her body can take, her head is already spinning, he must have taken more blood than usual and her body is shaking not just from pleasure but from exhaustion...But she needs to feel him reach his peak, she needs to feel him find his own bliss.

"Ahn! Ah-- please, please... f-fill me!" She pants the words into his ear, taking the lobe between her teeth and tugging, causing him to intake breath sharply. "Cum in me, Adam please! I need it, I need you, please!"

She repeats her pleas again and again, a desperate chant of aching need and growing exhaustion. Darkness is pressing in at the edges of her vision, her joints grinding. His fingers are in her hair again and she closes her eyes, her nails leaving grooves in his flesh... Morgan cries out in exultation, feeling Adam finally give in, to finally reach climax inside of her, moaning into her ear as he does so -- his cock twitching inside her, buried as deeply in her cunt as it can be, filling her, flooding her with vitae, renewing their bond yet again. She feels it tighten around her, feels it in every fiber of her being -- fresh and new and binding her to him as tightly as an iron vice. She's his, she'll always be his and that's all she'll ever want... because she's sure that its what he wants...

And whatever he wants, she does too.

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